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IMG_4096[contact me at hollyalowery@gmail.com]

Hi, I’m Holly. I’m a self-proclaimed chef, knitter, craft beer & wine enthusiast, an animal lover, a maker, a doer, aspiring yogi, an IIN student, and I’ve been a closet foodie ever since I can remember. No seriously though, like eating food in my closet so I didn’t have to share as a little kid. And the days I skipped school and stayed home “sick” because I just couldn’t muster the courage to face the real world, I didn’t spend the day on the couch with endless cartoons; I cooked. Pretending I had my own cooking show in the small messy kitchen of my childhood home. But as I grew older, and recognized the decline of my own nutritional health, I decided to give up eating meat. I was the ultimate junk food vegetarian. But hey, I was losing weight, looking [what I considered to be] better, and feeling good.

It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I decided to get healthy, and later to go vegan. I consider this a monumental point in my life, because not only did my health improve tremendously, but I started to become more aware of the realities of our food industry, the world around me, and myself in this big bad world.

My journey on the vegan path hasn’t been an easy one though. I’ve cheated, both purposefully and accidentally. I’ve craved all the wrong things. I’ve pushed close friends away. I’ve frightened family with “scary vegan facts” (This is just a risk of trying to educate others unfortunately). I’ve judged and been judged. I’ve been the junk food vegan. I’ve been the pushy vegan. I don’t exercise as much as I’d like. I’ve binged. I’ve purged. I’ve restricted to the point of borderline ED. And I’ve spent way too much time thinking about food, whether those thoughts were positive or negative.

It’s extremely difficult for me to talk about my messy food related past, But I think It’s important to share my journey because so many others, vegan or not, have dealt with the same things, and are still dealing healing. I’ve gone so many different routes since coming to this lifestyle, and I am finally just eating what feels good for me. Yes, it tends to lean towards a “High Carb” path, but I really am going to try to loose the labels. Because the only label that matters is one; Vegan. A label encompassing compassion, self-love, environmental awareness, and wholeness– in mind, body, and spirit.

So what I plan to share here are yes, of course delicious cruelty-free, plant based recipes. But I also want to share the beautiful little things in my life. Because the little things tend to create BIG happiness. So be prepared for posts and pictures of my cat, my crafts, the outdoors, smiles, self-love & acceptance, feminism, [whole] health, and of course some NOMS.


With Love,



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