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November 12, 2014 § 2 Comments

So I’m sitting here in my [overpriced] Uni cafe, and wasting time perusing the SBS Facebook group, instead of finishing up one of my many research papers. I just love all the positivity in the group, and the amount of newbies on this lifestyle that are so excited to join! But I have noticed some of the comments and questions posted are a bit triggering for me in regards to ED thoughts and behavior. There’s a lot of talk about weight loss and prescribed amounts of calories, and the one thing I have noticed that really doesn’t sit well with me at all is when people seem to just want others to tell them what to do. For instance I have seen some people asking questions like, “Should I be afraid of nutritional yeast?” Or, “Should I not eat garlic and onions, even though I really love them?” It all comes down to listening to your own body. As long as you’re not eating animals, keeping fat and salt low, just follow your hunger drive. Eat what feels good. And that’s that! I’ll stop ranting now, because I really do want to be a part of this group, and continue to help others, and embrace the supportiveness of this community. I think the positivity interweaved in the group far outshines the negative.

But anyways, onto the ‘Quickie.’ What is this anyways? Will I be discussing my own [quick] sexual transgressions? Absolutely not. But the ‘Quickie’ series is going to be a weekly post where I highlight some stuff I found cool/ interesting/ funny/ provoking/ inspiring/ helpful throughout the past week. As of right now it’s going to be pretty broad in regards to the actual subject matter within these posts, but I sort of like that; I see it as a chance for me to share all the things I find interesting with you, that might not necessarily be directly related to leading a vegan lifestyle. So on that note, I’ll get to the good stuff.

  1. One thing I found particularly applicable to my life right now was this little pizza meme. I’m taking a few different classes about gender and feminism, and I am so glad I decided to take these classes. They have nothing to do with my major, and everything to do with my life. Gender equality is so interconnected with this plant based cruelty-free lifestyle. My biggest piece of advice for anyone currently in school or anyone going to school in the next term, is to take a class related to race, class, and gender. It may sound like something you don’t need, but I promise these two courses have been the most rewarding classes I have taken in my time here at University. My whole mindset has changed, and certainly for the better. But not only did I find this to be relevant in regards to my schooling, but also in regards to this vegan lifestyle. We spend so much time worrying about how we look, and the ‘purity’ of our food, but sometimes it’s just freakin’ wonderful to stuff my belly full of [vegan] pizza. Am I right?Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 12.14.46 PM
  2. While we’re on the subject of food, check out these incredible ‘loaded fries’ I whipped up the other night. One of my favorite treats before I went vegan were these incredible loaded fried topped with melted cheddar cheese, bacon, scallions, jalapeños, and a side of ranch to dip. Of course they were laden with salt and fat though. So I made these completely cruelty-free, HCLF loaded fries, and oh my were they heavenly.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
  3. I started Couch to 5k this week! Wooh. I have this pattern of jogging for a few months at a time, really loving it, then falling off the wagon. But I’ve been feeling pretty sedentary as of late, and I even feel like my metabolism is slowing down, despite the adequate amounts of food I’ve been eating. So I’m hoping this little app will help me turn myself around, mentally, physically, and spiritually!
  4. Starch Vs. Fruit Conflictions. As I briefly mentioned above, some of the posts in the SBS group have been triggering some not-so-positive thoughts lately. And some of them have been causing me to question my switch from fruit based to a more starch based approach. I’ve been seeing all these beautiful pictures of bananas, and it makes me a little bit sad. I miss my giant banana smoothies in the morning, but they never seemed to satisfy me for long. Not to mention the money I’ve been saving by eating more starch based is a big factor for me. Right now, without having a steady source of income, starch based seems like the best route. But my brain is making me question how good I am really feeling in comparison to when I was more fruit based. Hmmph. Something I am just trying to sort out and not stress about. But I would love any supportive suggestions!

    Photo from Unconventional Living

    Photo from Unconventional Living

  5. Rachel Maddow on the IUD. This video puts it into perspective about how vitally important it is for us to vote for our local representatives! Don’t let yourself be represented by someone who’s views are completely misaligned with your own. It blows my mind that people actually think an IUD is like an ongoing abortion in your body, but hey people believe what they want to believe! Just make sure you’re using your voice to represent your own view; don’t let others start controlling your body. It’s yours, and it’s so important to stand up for it! And if as a woman, you agree with this bazaar opinion on what the IUD really is, you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog, ’cause there’ll be a lot more things I say that you probably won’t like!  ->

That’s my Quickie! I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did, and I wish you a beautiful rest of your week.


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  • I have been heading in a starch based direction lately too, and I start to question it as well when I see people digging into a big smoothie or fruit monomeal. But it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing decision. Just because you’re going in a starchier direction now doesn’t mean banana smoothies are off limits in any way. It helps me to remember that I can enjoy the best of both worlds whenever I want. But it is easier, saves money, and right now is making me feel better to eat starches.

    Epic loaded fries btw! Yum 🙂


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