Tuesday Quickie

October 28, 2014 § 1 Comment

70 degrees and it’s almost November?! I have [almost] no complaints there! Aside from the fact that global warming is becoming increasingly more evident with every passing 365 sun-ups, I LOVE a warm fall. Or Indian Summer. However you prefer to put it.

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This photo was taken on my walk home. Which is a walk I’ve taken a million times over. But the immense beauty of the sun between the trees never ceases to make me pause. Smile. Reflect on the beauty in my life. And remind myself that as many struggles I face everyday, they are completely void in the grand scheme of things. So many people don’t get to see the sunlight everyday because of pollution. Others don’t get the perks of living in upstate New York, where I am pretty much never more than a 10 minute car ride away from shops, food, shows, and people. But where I also have the beauty of nature right in my backyard.

I’m quite lucky. And I just don’t remind myself enough.

I’ve been feeling pretty down on myself lately for not being as motivated as I could to “get in shape.” (Really though, what does that even mean?) But the other night, I was out with friends at a new brewery in town, and after a few incredible craft brews, I excused myself to go to the ladies room. With a happy beer fog goin’ on, I looked at myself in the mirror and made three affirmations. And in that moment all of my self-deprecating feelings faded.

  1. You are a feminist
  2. You are beautiful
  3. You are loved; by so many.

That was it. Three simple statements that made me feel so incredibly good about myself, in that moment. EVEN with a belly full of vegan ice cream, pizza, and beer.

The point of all of this is yes, I have some internal issues to sort out. But are they a big deal? No. I have so much privilege and really need to take the time to remind myself more often of how much beauty my life is filled with.

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